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21 Things You'll Just Get If You're Vain AF

"Take my picture!" *looks at picture taken* "TAKE IT AGAIN I HATE IT".

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2. Which means your camera roll aways looks like this:

My camera roll after a trying to take a decent Instagram selfie...šŸ’


3. Sometimes though, a selfie just won't do, so you're always getting other people to take pictures of you.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

"Take a pic of me please, I need the world to see this".

5. And you always make sure to check the photo afterwards in case it's not absolutely perfect.

Instagram: @evastaudinger



9. And your top moments are always, yep you guessed it, selfies.

Instagram: @jadejayne

11. And you'll happily display pictures of yourself anywhere you can.

Instagram: @mslanabobana_

I am the fucking star.


16. They just don't get that if you don't look flawless, you're not leaving the house.

Instagram: @kickash_fitness

17. If on the rare occasion you do have to go out looking less than perfect, you will hope and pray no one notices you.


Everyone will see you though and everyone will ask you if you're "tired".

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