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Posted on Jun 9, 2016

19 Things You'll Just Get If You're A Low-Maintenance Girly Girl

You love making yourself look good, but you like to do it fast.

1. You love makeup, but you refuse to spend more than 10 minutes doing it.

2. And even though you know all the latest makeup looks, you never really try them out.

3. You're a pro at getting ready quickly.


4. Which means it drives you crazy when someone else takes forever and you have to wait for them.


5. You have hair straighteners and curlers but you rarely use them, because you just get bored doing your hair.

Kinda went out yesterday with only half my hair curled, couldn't be bothered doing the other side. #LazyGirlProblems

6. So your go-to hairstyle is usually the "just got out of bed" look.

80% of the time, I have messy hair. Low maintenance to the core.

7. Which works well for you because even though you probably own seven lipsticks in the same colour, you don't actually own a hairbrush.

8. Your beauty routine is well-researched and only consists of a few products.

9. And all you ever need for your hair is just a little spray of dry shampoo.

Remee Patel / BuzzFeed
Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

10. Basically, you like to keep your style simple.

11. So putting together an outfit usually consists of picking up random items from the clean pile on your floor.

12. You love looking at fancy things but you never spend money on them.


Brands are cool, but seriously, why would I spend a grand on a purse when I can buy snacks from M&S for a year??

13. And you only like shopping if it can be done efficiently.

3 Arts Entertainment,

Trying on a million things in a million different stores is actually your idea of hell.

14. For you, feeling comfortable is absolutely key.

15. And so you have a cute selection of trainers and flats because you rarely wear heels.

16. If you wear open toes, you always forget to paint your toenails.

17. You're never fazed if something might potentially mess up your look, or you have to a get a little dirty.

18. Because you like looking good, but you're also just pretty chilled out.

I like looking cute but I like wearing sweatpants more

19. And even though people might mistake your demeanour for laziness, you know your time is well spent.

And you're still looking completely fabulous.

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