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    19 Things Everyone Who Is Obsessed With Paperchase Understands

    *Goes in for a birthday card, comes out with a mug, iPhone case, and a diary for 2018*

    1. Paperchase is a shining light in an otherwise dark, dark world.

    2. A place where their window displays are a delight to behold.

    Flickr: 56278705@N05 / Creative Commons

    3. If you weren't already obsessed with stationery, it's the place where it can all begin.

    New Job = New Stationery #paperchase #stationery #obsessed #newdiary #lovestationery #organised #planning

    4. Where you'll go in just to buy a leaving card for your colleague and end up with this:

    5. Or you'll forget about the card completely because you're distracted by their fabulous, fabulous themed products.

    6. In fact, you're always looking out for their next theme, because Paperchase's style is so on point.

    7. And if there's a particular pattern you like, you know you can pretty much buy anything with it on.

    8. Choosing a card always takes forever because they are all just so damn awesome.

    9. But when you find the perfect one, you always feel so satisfied.

    10. You can never go into Paperchase to buy one thing.

    You will need a phone case, a diary, a photo frame AND a notebook because well, they all look so cute together.

    11. It's not just the stuff they sell that's fabulous, the decor of the store is usually incredible too.

    Good morning everyone. Not a Harry Potter scene. This is in our local Paperchase. Have a happy Tuesday.

    12. So you can derive immense joy from just buying a couple of sheets of paper.


    14. It's always your first stop for buying people presents.

    15. Even the paper you wrap them in has gotta be from Paperchase.

    16. So it's safe to say you've racked up some serious points on your rewards card, points you can put to good use.

    Paperchase gave me a fiver off today since I have a loyalty card & had a recent birthday, I put it towards these 😆

    17. Sometimes, you'll pop in for a coffee, too.

    18. Because your whole world is now Paperchase.

    My name is Kirsty and I'm addicted to Paperchase.

    19. So every time you see one, you can't help just "popping in" to "have a look".

    Remee Patel

    And come out with half of the store, and a smile.

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