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19 Things Everyone Who Is Obsessed With Paperchase Understands

*Goes in for a birthday card, comes out with a mug, iPhone case, and a diary for 2018*

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3. If you weren't already obsessed with stationery, it's the place where it can all begin.

New Job = New Stationery #paperchase #stationery #obsessed #newdiary #lovestationery #organised #planning


4. Where you'll go in just to buy a leaving card for your colleague and end up with this:

Instagram: @evieyvonne47

7. And if there's a particular pattern you like, you know you can pretty much buy anything with it on.

Instagram: @lindaheartspink

8. Choosing a card always takes forever because they are all just so damn awesome.

Instagram: @kingbin1609

There are millions and they are all adorable/pretty/cute/hilarious.

9. But when you find the perfect one, you always feel so satisfied.

Instagram: @marifenton

Nothing quite like that Paperchase high.

11. It's not just the stuff they sell that's fabulous, the decor of the store is usually incredible too.

Good morning everyone. Not a Harry Potter scene. This is in our local Paperchase. Have a happy Tuesday.



Instagram: @teacupfaery

Because Paperchase know how to make you feel like a kid again.

15. Even the paper you wrap them in has gotta be from Paperchase.

Instagram: @theycallmedeebs

So pretty.


16. So it's safe to say you've racked up some serious points on your rewards card, points you can put to good use.

Paperchase gave me a fiver off today since I have a loyalty card & had a recent birthday, I put it towards these 😆

17. Sometimes, you'll pop in for a coffee, too.

Instagram: @allthingspaper82

18. Because your whole world is now Paperchase.

My name is Kirsty and I'm addicted to Paperchase.