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17 Things That Are Too Real For People Who Always Drop Their Phone

Phones are slippery, it's not your fault.

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2. But then five seconds later, this happened:

Tried to take a selfie & dropped my phone


3. And thus began the journey towards the inevitable.

I dropped my phone in spaghetti and Allison got a picture of it


4. Despite a history of phone smashing, you probably still don't have insurance.

Once again @christinab_xo has smashed her phone😂😂

5. Because frankly, there are more important things you'd rather pay monthly for.

Remee Patel/ Netflix / Birchbox / Amazon / Spotify

Besides, you're different now. You've changed. You won't need insurance.


6. And what kind of protection could a phone cover offer you?

Instagram: @kyliefarrelly_art

Nothing is a match for your clumsiness. Nothing.

8. But people just never ever have sympathy for you.

Smashed my phone screen, isn't it good to know i have a lovely sympathetic boyfriend and friends😊😊😊

I do though, I know your pain.

9. And they get tired of trying to decipher your texts.

Instagram: @theyoungerdegenerates

"cnatypeproperlyyspacebuttondoesn'tworkcrackedphone". You think I want to write like this?


11. But you'll be damned if you have to use an old spare.

Instagram: @picklebuttdiaries

16. And you realise that looking at your phone is like looking at a shattered life.

Instagram: @brandothepig

Is this my life? Has my life gone to pieces? Am I broken?

17. So when you finally get your new phone, you vow to take care of it like it's the most precious thing in the world.

I know what it's like to have lost. It won't be like before. I'll take care of you babygirl.