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24 Things You Only Know If You're 50% Adult, 50% Child

*Saves money* *Spends savings* "Life's too short! What if I die tomorrow!"

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1. You probably own very adult things, like a slow cooker and a nice a set of spatulas.

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2. In fact, you've probably hosted quite a few dinner parties because you keep a lovely home.

3. But once the party is over, how long do you leave all the dishes in the sink? Too long.

4. And that's because you always stretch out tedious tasks for as long as possible.

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5. Which means you fear doing certain things like calling up your gas provider.

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6. You have all your bills set up on direct debit so you never miss a payment.

7. And you make a conscious effort to save money, even though it pains you.

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8. However, your savings never last long, or reach a substantial amount, because there's always something you end up spending it on.

"Life's too short!' you say, "I'm not going to care about my savings when I'm dead!' you say.
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"Life's too short!' you say, "I'm not going to care about my savings when I'm dead!' you say.

9. You would never wear something super creased without ironing it first.

10. But you also hate doing chores like ironing so you'd probably just not wear the shirt in the first place.

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11. At work, you pride yourself on being very professional.

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12. But as soon as you're home it's like you're a completely different person.

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13. If you have a lot on your plate you'll easily turn down offers to go out.


FOMO isn't that much of a thing for you.

14. But you'll also order takeaway three nights in a row when you've got a fridge full of food you're supposed to be eating.

You can't make good decisions all of the time!
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You can't make good decisions all of the time!

15. You make an effort to try to take care of yourself and your health.

16. But it's a work in progress...

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You know using your phone in bed is a bad idea but you can’t help yourself.

17. You try to eat healthy during the week, saving treats for the weekend.

18. But then at the weekend you go a little overboard with the "treats".

19. You pride yourself on your time-keeping and hate when others are late.


20. But because you don't own a planner, preferring to "keep it all in your head", you sometimes forget about plans completely.

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21. You still call your parents for help every now and then.

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22. But you also do your fair share of helping them.

23. You like the idea of being a proper adult, it's just the 100% bit is kind of unrealistic.

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24. So you settle for being a "proper" adult half the time. After all, who can tell?

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