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24 Things You Only Know If You're 50% Adult, 50% Child

*Saves money* *Spends savings* "Life's too short! What if I die tomorrow!"

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2. In fact, you've probably hosted quite a few dinner parties because you keep a lovely home.

3. But once the party is over, how long do you leave all the dishes in the sink? Too long.

8. However, your savings never last long, or reach a substantial amount, because there's always something you end up spending it on.

Remee Patel

"Life's too short!' you say, "I'm not going to care about my savings when I'm dead!' you say.


15. You make an effort to try to take care of yourself and your health.

16. But it's a work in progress...

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You know using your phone in bed is a bad idea but you can’t help yourself.


17. You try to eat healthy during the week, saving treats for the weekend.

18. But then at the weekend you go a little overboard with the "treats".