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    32 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About "Love Island"

    There are 69 cameras and an unlimited supply of condoms.

    ITV / BuzzFeed

    1. The show is a reboot of Celebrity Love Island, which aired over ten years ago.

    2. The audition process consists of a form where contestants fill out their bad habits and likes and dislikes, before interviewing with producers.

    3. The Love Island villa is located in Ses Salines, Mallorca.

    4. It is privately owned by a French businessman and rented out only to ITV.

    5. Its incredible private swimming pool is the largest in The Balearics.

    6. For the current season, the villa was revamped based on what producers had learned from the islanders’ habits in the first season.

    7. They extended areas such as the “breakup” bench and the kitchen area, because that’s where people tended to congregate.

    8. The idea was that more room in those popular areas would mean more people in those places, which might create more drama.

    9. The villa has 69 cameras and the contestants have to wear mics at all times.


    10. There is an unlimited supply of tampons and condoms.

    11. The condoms are branded with “Love Island”.

    12. The islanders don’t cook all of their own meals — most are already prepared.

    13. For anything in particular, the islanders can make special requests — like hair dye.

    14. Laundry is picked up once a week.

    15. There is a private toilet that islanders can request to use if they feel too embarrassed to go for a number two.

    16. The area is a closed site with around 300 staff including catering.

    17. If the producers needs to wake the islanders up at a certain time, they play loud music into the room.

    18. The islanders have no access to the outside world.

    19. Although each of them have been given a mobile phone, these operate on a special system so that only communication with producers and other contestants is permitted.

    20. They only get three credits per day.

    21. The islanders are given plenty of suncream but tanning oil is confiscated if found.


    22. Zara Holland, who recently left the competition, was Miss Great Britain until she was de-crowned after having sex with another islander on the show.

    23. She isn't however, the only former Miss Great Britain — current islander Sophie Gradon was also crowned Miss GB in 2009.

    24. Love Island isn’t ex-contestant Malin’s first TV appearance, she also appeared on Take Me Out.

    25. Scott Thomas’ brothers Ryan and Adam, both star on Coronation Street and Emmerdale respectively.

    26. Many of the islanders have famous exes — Sophie used to date rugby star Danny Cipriani.

    27. Tina, one of the newest additions to the island, had a brief stint on Made In Chelsea when she dated cast member Spencer Matthews.

    28. Alex Bowen used to go out with Vicki Patterson.

    29. Tom Powell also has a Geordie Shore connection — he was once Gaz’s bodyguard.

    30. Although the islanders have not met each other before, some do know former islanders.

    31. Zara briefly dated last year’s winner Max Morley, and Cara De La Hoyde is best buds with runner-up Hannah Elizabeth.

    32. The only couple still together from the first season are Luis and Cally.

    Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2.