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    Posted on May 26, 2018

    29 Milestones That Turn Roommates Into Best Mates

    When you start leaving the bathroom unlocked so the other can pee while you shower.


    1. When you start borrowing eachother's stuff on a regular basis.

    2. To the point where you don't even really need to ask eachother anymore, you pretty much just share everything.

    3. When you start going grocery shopping together and even cooking meals together.

    4. When one of you comes home after the other and says "HONEY I'M HOMEE!!".

    5. And you feel a little bit like you're an old married couple.

    6. When one of you goes on holiday or back to your parents, and you genuinely miss eachother.

    7. Even if it's just a couple of days.

    8. When you tackle a big job together, like cleaning the oven or bleeding the radiators.

    9. When you start talking in great detail about your toilet habits.

    10. And aren't afraid to yell "HURRY UP I NEED TO TAKE A FAT SHIT" if the other has been in the bathroom too long.

    11. In fact, because you're so open with eachother now, you just leave the bathroom door unlocked.

    12. Because letting the other pee while you're in the shower has become your policy.

    13. When one of you is bringing someone back to the apartment and asks the other one to frantically clean their room or remove anything "incriminating".

    14. And then you hear them having sex but you're actually kinda happy for them.

    15. Some of the time anyway.

    16. When one of you gets an S.O who starts to come round often but the three of you just hang out together.

    17. When you spend a long, slovenly Sunday together eating takeout and watch Netflix.

    18. And when you start a brand new series together.

    19. That you're only allowed to watch TOGETHER, no skipping ahead.

    20. When one of you has people round for dinner and the other seamlessly fits in with everyone else.

    21. Or when you have a house party at yours and all of your friends and crushes come together.

    22. When you can start being a pure slob around eachother without feeling judged.

    23. And when you no longer have to worry about getting fully clothed every time you leave your room, because being half-naked is the norm now.

    24. When you start doing things together outside of your apartment, like going to your local cinema or bar.

    25. When you look after eachother when one of you is sick.

    26. Or just horribly, horribly hungover.

    27. When you can start telling eachother about your bad days, not just your good days.

    28. And even though you see eachother every morning and evening, you still text during the day.

    29. When you start referring to them as your mate rather than just your roommate.

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