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    25 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Gets Married

    There's nothing quite like watching your BFF have the happiest day of her life.

    1. When you find out the big news you will be the happiest person in the world, because OMG your favourite person is going to get married!


    2. And when you're asked to be in the wedding you'll be overcome with joy and feel massively privileged.

    3. You'll take your role very seriously and get totally involved in the wedding planning.

    Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

    4. You'll tell everyone about your BFF's wedding as if it were your own.

    5. And you'll find yourself saying "Oh, I can't until after the wedding" because you know you need to be on call at any given moment.

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    6. Especially when it comes to the dress.

    7. Planning the hen do starts off being mega exciting, but then you and the bridal party will get majorly stressed because you want everything to be perfect for the bride.

    8. Which it will be, because your best friend will be so happy just to have all of her favourite friends and family in one place.

    9. When the big day finally arrives, the celebrations will start right from the morning.

    10. And you'll take lots of selfies and capture every moment of the bride getting ready.

    11. You'll help them with the finishing touches, which may include tit-taping the shit out of their dress so they don't pop out or feel uncomfortable.

    12. And when you're finally ready, you'll take a moment to tell your best friend that everything is going to be amazing and that it's going to be the best day of their life.

    13. Because your BFF may just have a pre-wedding panic, but it will be OK because you've got their back.

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    14. And you'll try your best to ensure operation "GET THE BRIDE TO THE ALTAR" goes smoothly.

    15. Even though you've already seen them in their dress, you'll still well up the moment they walk down the aisle because they just look so beautiful.


    16. And during the ceremony you will cry like a baby because you know the couple so well and how much they really do love each other.


    17. Once it's over you'll brag about the newlyweds and the ceremony to every single wedding guest you speak to.

    18. And you'll pose for photos and feel like you're with a celebrity.

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    19. You'll get really sentimental about the decor and will want to keep everything as a memento.

    20. And every time you manage to steal a moment with your BFF you'll gush about each other.

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    21. During the course of the wedding you'll help your BFF pee, change their shoes, and hold their stuff for them.

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    22. But when it's time to party you'll declare your responsibilities officially over.

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    23. And you'll make your way to the dance floor to throw down some serious shapes.

    24. And even though your BFF now has another partner in crime.

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    25. You know you'll still always be right by their side.

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