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19 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up A Girls' Night Out

"Delete that picture I hate it."

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1. When you all decide to get ready together:

2. When the only drink worthy of a girls' night gets cracked open:

3. When that one friend makes everyone take an individual body shot by the doorway:

Remee Patel

4. When someone inevitably hates the way they look in the photos:

5. And when the squad is on hand to make them feel better about it:


6. When you splurge on fancy drinks at the first bar so you can get that nice shot for your Insta:

Instagram: @tee_jay_x

7. When you're in the taxi on the way to the club:

Instagram: @aedemare

8. When the club you've chosen is massive and you get split up:

9. When it's time to get serious on the dancefloor:

Remee Patel

10. And you all pull out your hottest moves:

Instagram: @lizzybramley

11. When you need the loo:

12. And you make a million new friends along the way:

Instagram: @h_boc

13. When your good time gets constantly interrupted:

14. When one of the squad pulls:


15. When you try to take selfies in the club:

16. When you get the 3am munchies:

Remee Patel

17. When one of the girls gets emosh towards the end of the night:


18. When it's time to go home and you all have zero fucks left to give:

Chris Fairweather

19. And when you look through all of the drunken hot mess pics the next day, but manage to find one photo of you all looking incredible:

Instagram: @tolly_t