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    Posted on Dec 29, 2015

    19 Things You'll Only Get If You're Slightly Obsessed With Cleaning

    Spring cleaning puts a spring in your step.

    1. To you, cleaning is a joyous experience.

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    Put on a little music and you're in your element.

    2. Ever since you were little you've loved helping around the house.

    3. Because seeing everything all neat and in its rightful place is a joy to behold.

    4. Sometimes you like to complain about how you're always the one cleaning the house.

    5. But you know that if someone else did it anyway, it wouldn't be up to your standards.


    6. Your impeccable standards.

    7. Messy people are a complete mystery to you.


    8. And you've been known to throw a judgemental look.


    9. Because not only is being clean just a better way of life, cleaning is fun!

    10. You genuinely feel like a hero when you're done with a good cleaning session.

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    11. And you can only truly relax once the place is in order.

    12. Although your job is never quite done, since you have a sixth sense for spotting a mark or something that is out of place.


    13. You actually enjoy looking at cleaning supplies.

    14. And you even have special cleaning cloths and sponges.

    15. You love testing a good cleaning hack.

    16. And even laborious tasks like cleaning the oven, fill you with deep satisfaction.

    17. Because there is nothing quite like watching a wonderful transformation take place.

    18. Even though you know you sometimes go a bit too far and overwork yourself.

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    19. The results are borderline orgasmic and that makes it all worth it.

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