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19 Things You'll Only Get If You're Slightly Obsessed With Cleaning

Spring cleaning puts a spring in your step.

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1. To you, cleaning is a joyous experience.

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Put on a little music and you're in your element.

2. Ever since you were little you've loved helping around the house.

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It was never a chore, just a pleasure.

3. Because seeing everything all neat and in its rightful place is a joy to behold.

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4. Sometimes you like to complain about how you're always the one cleaning the house.

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5. But you know that if someone else did it anyway, it wouldn't be up to your standards.


7. Messy people are a complete mystery to you.


8. And you've been known to throw a judgemental look.


9. Because not only is being clean just a better way of life, cleaning is fun!

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"Let's clean the oven today! It will be fun, I promise!" you've squealed many times to your friends and co-habitants.

10. You genuinely feel like a hero when you're done with a good cleaning session.

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11. And you can only truly relax once the place is in order.

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12. Although your job is never quite done, since you have a sixth sense for spotting a mark or something that is out of place.


13. You actually enjoy looking at cleaning supplies.

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14. And you even have special cleaning cloths and sponges.

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15. You love testing a good cleaning hack.

16. And even laborious tasks like cleaning the oven, fill you with deep satisfaction.

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So shinyyyy.

17. Because there is nothing quite like watching a wonderful transformation take place.

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18. Even though you know you sometimes go a bit too far and overwork yourself.

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19. The results are borderline orgasmic and that makes it all worth it.