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19 Things People In Their Late Twenties Know Far Too Well

10pm is waaay past your bedtime.

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2. And even though you live in denial, it still pains you every time you realise the truth:

3. You're constantly thinking about the big 3-0, because that's when you think you're supposed to really have your shit together.

4. And it doesn't help that everyone else seems to be pairing off and settling down.

5. Sometimes you'll try to have a big night out, but it always ends the same.

6. Because your idea of a big night is not going to bed until 10pm.

7. Going clubbing is now reserved for special occasions.

8. Because with every year, your body gets worse at dealing with hangovers.

9. And there's nothing more terrible to you than losing a whole day because you cannot function like a normal human being.

10. Especially when you've got important shit to do.

Like buying that amazing new shoe rack!!!!!!

11. You've started to incorporate anti-aging products into your regime.

12. And you've learnt to accept that you can't shop in your favourite stores anymore.

14. And now you cannot understand how you felt so old when you weren't old at all.

15. It especially freaks you out when you realise that people born in the 90s are legit adults.

16. Because that means you're legit OLD AS FUCK.

17. Luckily there is one huge upside: not giving a fuck about most things.

19. Because even though you still have your doubts and feel like you're ancient, you're actually much more secure that you were in your early twenties.