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26 Things You'll Only Get If You Were Raised By Immigrant Parents In Britain

Communicating with your parents was sometimes ~challenging~.

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1. People could never pronounce your name properly.

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You might have even had an "English" name just to make things easier.

2. And your packed lunches didn't contain the usual string cheese or Frube.


You probably had leftovers from the previous night's home-cooked meal.

3. Because your parents didn't just shop at Tesco.

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4. Communicating with your parents was sometimes ~challenging~. / Remee Patel

5. But if you tried to correct their English they would take offence.


6. Watching Eastenders was never a thing in your house.,d.d24&psig=AFQjCNFJ6JIt_dqrSkMyXD5VHNbU1I1ODg&ust=1459436981998906

7. And neither were Sunday roasts.

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8. Having a cuppa was also an entirely different experience.

9. But you got to experience fusion food early on, so you got the best of both worlds.

10. Because your parents came to Britain for a better life, they always had the highest possible expectations of you.

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11. So going out was always a difficult task.

12. It wasn't unusual to come home and find a bulk pack of fruit from the market in your kitchen.

13. Or a basket of PLASTIC LIES.

14. Basically everything in your house was plastic.

15. Your parents were always extremely proud of your background.

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16. But they were also quite superstitious.

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17. So when your friends came to your house, you sometimes felt the need to explain your family to them.


18. Confusion was a regular occurrence in your household.

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19. But trying to explain something to your parents rarely got you anywhere.

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20. You were a disgrace if you didn't greet an elder member of your community as if they were your own family, even if you didn't know who the fuck they were.

21. But throwing away an empty butter or yoghurt tub was perhaps the ultimate sin.

22. Because your parents never let anything go to waste...

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23. Holidays were never to Spain — they were back to the motherland.

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24. And at some point you had to give up your bedroom to a relative on a really long holiday.

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25. You parents often told you stories of their struggles when they first moved to Britain.

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26. Which always made you appreciate how much they had to go through just to give you a better life than they had.