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19 Things People Who Are Obsessed With Make Up Pray For

Please let Sephora gift cards fall from the sky.

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1. That your eyeliner wings come out even every time.

2. That you never suffer at the hands of a mascara wand.

Instagram: @aamske

3. That a new trend or bold look you love will actually suit you.

Like this mega babe.

4. And that people will recognise just how 🔥 you look.


5. That someone asks you for make up advice.

Because it's practically your dream to give makeovers and help people look 🔥.

6. That a product you really want isn't completely sold out. / BuzzFeed

7. Or that it's actually available in your country at the normal price.

8. That you never have to experience another tragic loss like this, ever again.

9. Or that nothing ever leaks in your makeup bag.

10. That you're given free samples of expensive things so you can try before you buy.

11. That your make up collection finally reaches blog-worthy status.

12. And that you have your own beautiful make up station in your room.

13. That your go-to product is never discontinued.

14. That people will stop questioning the amount of make up you wear.

15. And that they appreciate how much effort you go to.

when foundation is £35 I can't afford for people to cancel plans

16. That you have enough shopping points to buy something special right when you can least afford it.

17. Or that you find dupes so good you don't have to spend crazy money to get the same look.

Instagram: @dupe

18. That you have just enough product left to last you until you get paid.

19. That you suddenly become rich enough to have this problem.