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24 Things Every Girl Who Loves Beauty Products Will Understand

"Product is discontinued." *Cries for eternity*

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1. You're always keeping up to date with the latest beauty releases.

2. And you're proud of all of the top-quality products you own.

3. Although equally, you do love a good beauty bargain.

4. And there's nothing more exciting than discovering an international beauty secret.

5. You always have a tool for the job.

6. In fact, you probably have at least three of everything.

7. You've been known to buy stuff purely because it's so damn cute.


9. You love having your products on display.

10. And you have the cutest make-up bags for when you're on the go.

11. You're constantly looking for new beauty inspiration online.

12. Like how to get a certain celebrity look.


13. Or how to enhance your features.

14. It's safe to say you spend hours looking at tutorials and beauty blogs.

15. And you've had many conversations with advisers behind the beauty counters.

16. Because you've gotta know what to try next for when you switch up your routine.

17. Your heart actually breaks whenever something like this happens.

18. And let's not even speak of how it feels when your favorite product gets discontinued.

Why did Georgio Armani discontinue my favorite foundation??? I'm on my last bottle & everyone I know uses this!!! Please make it again!

Because unless you're Kim, when it's over, it's really over.

@KimKardashian Dear Kim - let us know which one you need and we'll send it to you. And Mr. Armani's first name is Giorgio.

19. You often lose your shit in beauty stores.

20. But at least you easily rack up points on your loyalty cards.

21. And sometimes you get freebies, which is just the best.

22. So there's barely enough room for all of the products you have.

23. And god knows your bank account is crying for you to stop.

24. So when someone knows what to buy you, it's the best thing in the world.