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17 Things Everyone Has Secretly Done At The Gym

Competed with the person next to you on the treadmill.

1. Eyed up someone in the gym while they worked out.


2. Checked yourself out in the mirrors and then taken a sly gym selfie.

3. Not wiped down the machine after you've used it.

4. Told people at the gym you were going to eat a healthy meal but actually eaten junk food.

5. Got completely distracted by what's on the TV to the point that you stopped working out.


6. Given something minimal effort when you were just specifically told by the trainer to go to your max.


7. Looked at the monitor of the person on the machine next to you to compare calories burned/RPM/resistance.

Remee Patel / Jupiterimages / Getty Images

8. And then competed with them.

Remee Patel / Jupiterimages / Getty Images

9. Passed wind and promptly evacuated the area in case other gym members smelled it.

Remee Patel / Jupiterimages / Getty Images

10. Walked into a gym class, realised you'd made a mistake, and then walked right back out.

Remee Patel / Hemera Technologies / Getty Images

11. Used the stretching area to have a chat rather than to stretch.

Ron Chapple Studios / Getty Images

12. Or used the stretching area just to catch up on your notifications

13. Taken a heavier weight just so you can seem as strong as or stronger than the person next to you.

Remee Patel / Moodboard / Getty Images

14. Taken longer on a machine when you knew someone was waiting for it.


15. Convinced yourself you're exhausted from work just so you could go home when actually you just couldn't bear to finish the workout.


16. Judged someone for their form or workout routine.

Even though you aren't exactly one to talk and you're probably just a bit jealous.

17. Spent ages taking the perfect post-gym selfie so that you look like you "glow" rather than just look like a sweaty pig.

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