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    17 Things Gen Z Should Know About People In Their Thirties

    Sex is better in your thirties. Fact.

    1. We listen to throwback tunes more than current songs, which is why we never know any new artists.

    2. Our idea of a perfect evening is doing absolutely fuck-all.

    3. Probably because we're always busy and we're always tired.

    4. However, we actually enjoy telling everyone about how old and boring we are now.

    Dating in your 30s is just two people telling each other stories about how they used to be fun.

    It makes us feel wise.

    5. Our social media feed is made up of weddings and babies.

    6. When we choose alcohol we go by what we like first, rather than what's cheapest.

    Don't get me wrong, we still care about price, but we drink alcohol because we actually like it, which means taste now has become the most important factor!

    7. And we're very stubborn about getting what we want, because we believe we've earned it.

    8. But our hangovers are so bad it almost makes us think twice about drinking in the first place.

    9. We actively try to be conscious of our health, but we do it reluctantly.

    It doesn't come naturally to us like it might do for you Gen Z'ers, because back when we were teenagers, "wellness" wasn't trendy. Getting out in nature simply meant drinking vodka in the park.

    10. Young people scare the shit out of us.

    11. And we have no idea what you're all saying.

    12. We still have our fair share of body image issues — we've just learned to accept them more.

    13. And feeling more comfortable with ourselves and asking for what we want is exactly why sex just keeps on getting better and better for us.

    14. We don't dream about being famous — we just want to lead a simple life and have lots of dogs.

    15. We don't really read novels anymore.

    16. No — we haven't got our shit together and we certainly don't consider ourselves to be "grown-ups".

    17. And yes, we're just as surprised by this as you are.