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    Posted on Oct 7, 2015

    19 Signs You're The Thirsty One In Your Friendship Group

    "WHO'S THAT??????" —you to your friends about anyone.

    1. Whenever you're all hanging out, you're always the one constantly getting distracted by hot people.

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    2. Sometimes you won't even join in on the conversation because you'll be too busy staring shamelessly at some random passerby.


    3. Your group chats pretty much consist of you thirsting over celebrities.

    Everyone pray for my friend Amy nothing's wrong with her she's just thirsty

    4. And you're forever inundating the group with pictures of people you fancy.

    Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

    5. And because you pretty much have the hots for anyone, they always question your taste.

    6. Whenever you see one of your friends chatting to someone new, you're always like "Who's that??????"

    New Line Cinema

    7. And you're always the one taking the conversation "too far" or making everything an innuendo.


    8. You always pry for details about your friends' sex lives.

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    9. And whether they like it or not, you're always banging on about yours.

    HBO / Via

    10. You're always spotting the hotties when you're out at the pub.


    11. And because you're the biggest flirt, the rest of the group sometimes find you to be a little embarrassing.

    12. But they know it means you make an excellent wingman because you literally have no shame.


    13. Whenever there is a party or any kind of special event, you always ask your friends for the lowdown on who will be there.

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    14. Which is basically redundant because you've already stalked the event and found all of the potential single people going.


    15. When you have a proper crush on someone, you make your friends look at all of their pictures.

    16. And you always give them a play by play of every interaction you ever have with them.

    @Anandaajoy is the thirstiest friend I have 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. To which they always have the same response:

    18. In fact, the rest of your friendship group love to shame you by quoting the thirstiest things you say.

    "I wouldn't run after him, but I'd walk fast." -thirstyfriend

    19. So it's always a blessing to find someone outside of your friendship group who is just as thirsty as you are.

    when you find a friend just as thirsty as you >>>

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