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19 Signs You're The Thirsty One In Your Friendship Group

"WHO'S THAT??????" —you to your friends about anyone.

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3. Your group chats pretty much consist of you thirsting over celebrities.

Everyone pray for my friend Amy nothing's wrong with her she's just thirsty


11. And because you're the biggest flirt, the rest of the group sometimes find you to be a little embarrassing.

16. And you always give them a play by play of every interaction you ever have with them.

@Anandaajoy is the thirstiest friend I have 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


18. In fact, the rest of your friendship group love to shame you by quoting the thirstiest things you say.

"I wouldn't run after him, but I'd walk fast." -thirstyfriend

19. So it's always a blessing to find someone outside of your friendship group who is just as thirsty as you are.

when you find a friend just as thirsty as you >>>