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Definitive Proof That No One Does Summer Better Than Britain

We don't need the sun to have a good time, amirite?

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We don't cancel BBQs if the weather changes.

Because we were born ready for you, EVIL RAIN.

Nothing will get in the way of our juicy bangers.

Especially once we've got our baps out.

Rain or shine, our picnics are absolutely top-notch.

When we can be bothered, that is.

And we have the most wonderful strawberries this time of year.

Which when combined with fancy booze and Wimbledon, truly make a perfect summer's day.

So what if some of our beaches have stones?

Our beaches are home to some of the best fish and chips you'll ever have.

As long as you can defend yourself from vicious seagulls who give absolutely zero fucks about your day.

A day trip isn't isn't really complete without the consumption of the glorious 99.

Speaking of national treasures, there is no summer without Pimm's.

It's basically our summer cup of tea.

So yeah, we drink it A LOT.

Because it makes you look classy without having to be classy at all.

Like when you're walking around the grounds of stately homes pretending you own it when really you can't even afford a studio flat.

And then you go and have a "spot of afternoon tea" like it's your life everyday.

Without all the rain, we wouldn't have these rather lovely rainbows.

Or beautiful blooms that don't need the sunshine to pop.

Blooms you will find in the pub garden where you will spend all of your summer nights.

And if it rains, which it will, well the inside isn't exactly terrible is it?

You'll be wankered all the same.

Because being drunk all the time is the true essence of the British summer, not the sun.

When the sun does come out though, we make the most of every waking moment.

We'll be basking in it even as it slips away from us.

Because Britain is truly glorious when bathed by the summer sun.

And we know it's fleeting, which is why it's so special.

British summer is coming and it's going to be fucking glorious.