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19 Signs You And Your BFF Are Basically A Couple

You talk about getting married to each other ALL THE TIME.

1. You and your BFF are completely comfortable around each other in every way.

2. And you stay at each other's places so often you're used to sharing a bed.

3. You're always cuddling and being affectionate.

4. And you both know how to keep things interesting, especially on Valentine's Day.

Best surprise ever from my bff 😭💖 @lizcontreras311

5. You always take care of each other.

My best friend is basically my boyfriend 😍😂👭 i love you @hansika_silva

6. And you've adopted weird habits only couples seem to have.

7. Because that's what happens when you pretty much spend every waking minute together.

8. You're always partners on the dance floor.

9. And you've been known to hold hands when you go out.

10. You're always each other's plus-ones to your family dinners.

11. And you've been on holidays where it's just the two of you.

12. You know that as a couple, you'd be hot AF.

13. So whenever something goes wrong in your dating lives, you decide to just marry each other instead.

14. You've discussed your marriage pact in great detail.

15. Including how you'll both satisfy your needs with a little something on the side.

16. You even have symbols of your commitment to one another.

17. And you've looked at potential houses you could buy together.

18. Sometimes you know you both sound a little crazy when you talk about your futures.

19. But you can't help getting carried away, because the idea of being together for the rest of your lives is just too fucking perfect.