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19 Signs You And Your BFF Are Basically A Couple

You talk about getting married to each other ALL THE TIME.

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4. And you both know how to keep things interesting, especially on Valentine's Day.

Best surprise ever from my bff 😭💖 @lizcontreras311


5. You always take care of each other.

My best friend is basically my boyfriend 😍😂👭 i love you @hansika_silva

6. And you've adopted weird habits only couples seem to have.

Instagram: @k8lynnb

9. And you've been known to hold hands when you go out.

Instagram: @pikachu1218

11. And you've been on holidays where it's just the two of you.

Instagram: @kaylynnteh

12. You know that as a couple, you'd be hot AF.

Instagram: @kellafernandez