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19 Awards Fuckboys Truly Deserved In 2017

These guys are all winners in my eyes.

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5. The Most Confusing Chat-Up Line Award:

Instagram: @tindernightmares

6. The Persistence Award For Outstanding Commitment To Pubic Hair:

Instagram: @tindernightmares

14. The Honest Award For Best Copy And Paste:

17. The Clueless Award For The Most Repetition Of A Phrase No Woman Wants To Hear:

18. The You Need Jesus Award For Outstanding Commitment To Anal Anatomy:

Instagram: @tindernightmares

19. The WTF Award for Outstanding Achievement In Grossing Out Women On The Internet:

Instagram: @tindernightmares

H/T this incredible Tumblr – Straight White Boys Texting, and this Instagram – Tinder Nightmares! And for more Best of 2017 content, click here!