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Tell Us The Pettiest Thing You And Your Partner Have Ever Fought About

Did they spell your name wrong and all hell broke loose?

It's normal for every couple to fight now and then and often it's the smallest things that can spark the biggest disagreements – who left the dish in the sink, who took the bins out last, WHO PUT AN EMPTY MILK CARTON BACK IN THE FRIDGE?

But what we want to know is – what's the pettiest thing you and your partner have ever fought over?

Did your partner spell your name wrong in your birthday card leading you to think: Do they even care about me at all??

Or did you accidentally feed your partner something they hate, and they acted as if you tried to kill them?

Maybe one of you went and watched a movie the other mentioned they'd wanted to see and they took it as a massive betrayal.

Whatever is it, we want to know! Tell us the most ridiculous and petty thing you and your partner have fought about in the comments below, and you could feature in a BuzzFeed post or video!