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19 Problems Every Girls Dreads In The Summer

Flip-flop feet and chub rub.

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4. Confronting your crusty feet that have been living in hibernation.

Instagram: @hallelujah_hudson

5. Your favourite makeup melting in your purse.

Instagram: @itsacaseything

9. And then having those same summery clothes give you tan lines like this:

#neverforget how bad my tan lines were this time last year

10. Coming home with skanky feet because of your flip-flops.

Instagram: @redavis724

14. Wearing a nice, cool summer dress but having your thighs chafe.

Instagram: @gorillaboxer

15. So wearing shorts, but then having to constantly keep pulling them down.

Instagram: @raefarrow

18. Shopping for a bikini or swimsuit and not feeling comfortable in any of them.

How I feel when I try on bathing suits...