19 Problems You'll Only Get If You Always Need To Pee

    Can you even make it through this post without needing to go?

    1. You spend a lot of your life waiting for people to get out of the bathroom.

    2. So much so you pretty much just always look like this:

    3. You can never get excited about road trips or festivals because you know they won't be able to cater to your specific needs.

    4. And you've had to contemplate certain options because you're always on the verge of pissing yourself.

    5. You're constantly wondering if you need to pee or not.

    6. And even though you know you should stay well-hydrated you know it will only make your situation much worse.

    7. You've peed in places you shouldn't have, because having to hold it in is your worst nightmare.

    8. And you've bought countless items from cafés just so you could use their toilet.

    9. People are always judgemental about your peeing habits.

    10. And they never take you seriously when you tell them you really need to go.

    11. So sometimes you have to resort to threats.

    12. You always need to pee at the worst possible moment.

    13. So travelling is always a nerve-racking affair.

    14. Even though you might feel like your bladder is bursting, sometimes only a tiny dribble of pee actually comes out.

    15. And there have been many times where you've peed, flushed, washed your hands, and then gone back immediately to pee again.

    16. If you go out clubbing, you spend half your night in the line for the toilet.

    17. And at work you're constantly getting up from your desk to go to the bathroom, which makes you look like you're always slacking off.

    18. You feel guilty whenever you share a bed with someone because you know you'll just end up disturbing them a million times during the night.

    19. But their pain will never ever compare to what you go through each and every day.