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21 Struggles People Who Aren't Messy Will Never Get

Messy life is just constantly looking for clean underwear.

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2. Constantly having to deal with "the pile".

there is a large pile of clothes i keep moving between my couch and my bed depending on where i feel like sitting

4. Having to dig through the sink to find plates to wash so you can eat your dinner.

5. Or resorting to just eating stuff from anything that's already clean.

7. Because you don't want people to really know the truth.

Being an adult means cleaning your whole house when your parents come in to town and trying to trick them into thinking you live that way.


10. And when things are tidy, it literally taking you five minutes to undo it all.

*me after just cleaning my room*: wow I'm never letting my room get messy again *the next day*: haha has anyone seen my bed

11. Always tripping over your shit on the floor.

But luckily always landing in another pile of your shit.


15. Always having to apologise for the lack of legroom when you have passengers in your car.

16. Never being able to find the "other shoe" when you need it.

17. Or one bloody pair of matching socks.

18. Looking like an giant baby every time you eat.

When you have a new shirt on and ur eating wings sometimes you need a bib 😂😭

19. Bed crumbs.

The only thing that's been sliding up and down my sheets is my hand wiping away the crumbs.

20. Having to throw away perfectly good tupperware because it's just too moldy to clean.