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    21 Struggles People Who Don't Live In London Will Never Get

    The north/south London divide is very, very real.

    1. A 20-minute journey home taking an hour because of this:

    Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images

    2. Always managing to come out of the least convenient tube exit.

    3. Paying an extortionate amount for a pint.

    I'd forgotten how awesome* central London is. £5.80 for a pint of Brugse Zot. Haha *expensive

    4. As if London wasn't expensive enough already.

    No matter how much money you think you have, when you enter London; you immediately become poor

    5. Having a friend live south of the river and knowing your friendship will probably not survive.


    6. Because the north/south divide is taken very, very seriously.


    7. And in the time it takes to trek across London to see your mate who lives above a Ladbrokes, you could go to beautiful Wales.

    8. Trying to find a reasonable place to rent that doesn't cost a fortune.

    9. Because the reality of buying your own place is pretty fucking bleak.

    10. Getting stuck behind slow-walking tourists everywhere.


    11. And thus having to develop a very particular walking style in order to get from A to B.

    Riley Turner Productions

    12. Having to layer up when it's cold outside but then feeling like you might die from overheating on the tube.


    13. Inevitably falling asleep on the night bus, missing your stop, and ending up in the middle of fucking nowhere.

    14. Hating douchey bars that market themselves as "quirky" but still feeling compelled to go to them.

    15. But of course having to queue, because in London you have to queue for everything.

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    And in the rain, probably.

    16. Even though you always give up and end up in Zizzi.

    17. Looking like a twat when you have to tell people who don't live in London that places like Leicester Square are complete shitholes and that you refuse to go there.

    18. Non-Londoners generally thinking you're a twat when really your face just looks that way because survival.

    19. Falling into a false sense of security because London is so big, yet still managing to bump into people at the worst time.


    20. Constantly living in fear of pigeons who are too big for their boots.

    You wouldn't believe the terror a pigeon can cause #londonproblems

    21. Always having a million incredible things to do, but never being bothered to do any of them because they are too far away and there are too many people.


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