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21 Things Everyone Who Does BodyCombat Will Understand


1. When the instructor asks you if you're feeling warm after the first track and you just look at them like:


2. And when they introduce a new routine and go through it so fast you have no idea what's going on.

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3. When they try to make you do a jump-kick – or worse, a push-kick – and it completely throws off your mojo.

NBC / Via Netflix

4. And when the instructor reminds you to hold in your core and you're like:

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5. When the instructor sings along to the songs with so much energy and you're just there trying to make it through the song without dying.

6. And when you can hear the intro of "Gimme That" or "Swagger Jagger" and your legs immediately start to cry.


7. When you have to pretend to bash someone's head in and you totally picture your boss.

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8. And when you have to pretend you're holding a samurai sword and you feel like you could really fuck some shit up.


9. When someone else in the class has some proper gloves and you consider getting a pair, because fuck yeah, you're a badass too!

10. But then you remember how many times you've hit yourself in the face and think, probably not.

Mutant Enemy / Via

11. When the instructor announces that it's the Muay Thai track and you don't know how to feel.

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Because the Muay Thai track usually means you're coming to the end, but it's also the hardest track.

12. When the whole thing is almost over but you're losing the will to live.


13. But the instructor is all like:

14. Which literally changes nothing.


15. Because the nonstop knees are just THE WORST.

Brownstone Productions

16. And you don't hate your boss that much.

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17. When the mats are out for abs but you decide to lie down and contemplate your life choices instead.


18. Because BodyCombat has left you completely and utterly destroyed.

19. And you know the pain won't be over for the next few days.

When i cough, my whole body hurts #bodycombatproblems

20. But you deal with it because BodyCombat is therapy.

21. And it makes you feel like you can handle anything that comes your way.

Me in my body combat class this morning...

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