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    41 Slightly Devastating Things No Brit Could Forget From Primary School

    "I'm telling on you!" *shits pants*

    Bryan Brayley-willmetts / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    1. When you forgot your PE kit and had to do the class in your vest and pants.

    2. When you accidentally called the teacher "Mum".

    3. When you saw your best friend holding hands with someone else on the way to assembly.

    4. When you didn't have a partner for the school trip and had to hold the teacher's hand.

    5. When you weren't allowed to pick your partner and got paired up with that one weird kid who liked to stick things up their nose.

    6. When the teacher forced you to say sorry and then made you say it over and over again until you meant it.

    7. When you put your hand up for teacher's helper but were told to put it down if you'd helped before.

    8. When you weren't chosen to answer a question even though your hand was definitely up the highest and you had practically shat yourself from all of the strain.

    9. When someone hogged the colouring pencil you needed and you were forced to draw a green heart thus ruining your masterpiece.

    10. When you gave your teacher a Christmas present and they didn't open it right away so you weren't able to revel in your victory at buying them a Body Shop gift set while every other mug had bought them a Milk Tray.

    11. When you weren't picked first for rounders.

    12. When you were picked last for rounders.

    13. When you asked to join in a game and got told, "It's not my game."

    14. Or, "We've got enough players."

    15. When you had to play the "dog" because you weren't deemed fit enough to play the mum or dad.

    16. When someone teased you about fancying someone even though you TOTALLY didn't fancy them, you just laughed at their joke once.

    17. When you played kiss chase and actually got kissed.

    18. When you played Simons Says and then did something that Simon didn't say.

    19. When you forgot to bring in your pound for Red Nose Day and felt like a fraud in your home clothes.

    20. When you forgot it was non-uniform day altogether.

    21. When you had to sit on the carpet away from everyone else because you were on your second warning.

    22. When someone did something really naughty but no one owned up to it so the whole class had to stay in at break.

    23. When you were put in the Time Out Box in the playground and all your friends asked you why you weren't playing.

    24. When you weren't able to do your preferred activity for "free time" so had to do collage-making.

    25. When you practically shat yourself with excitement at getting to use the plasticine set only to open it and realise it had all dried out.

    26. When someone threatened to "tell on you" and then immediately put their hand up to get the teacher's attention.

    27. Only for the little shit to ask if they could go to the toilet instead.

    28. When you sat next to someone during a test and could hear them saying "yesss" followed by very loud scribbling.

    29. And when they put their pencil case over their paper to stop you from looking at their work.

    30. When it was the first day back after the summer holidays and you only received one compliment on your hair braid.

    31. And only two compliments on your henna tattoo.

    32. When you watched someone being plucked out of class and weren't told why they were leaving or where they were going.

    33. When everyone chatted about how good the birthday party was that you weren't invited to.

    34. When you got an undesirable outcome on your chatterbox.

    35. When you accidentally opened your crisps upside down and people accused you of having a boyfriend.

    36. When you held a buttercup under your chin and your mate insisted they couldn't see it glow even though you knew you definitely liked butter.

    37. When you were jinxed by your mate and they tortured you by saying things that rhymed with your name.

    38. When you got the tiniest splinter and were genuinely worried you might die.

    39. When you knew someone in year 6 but they pretended you didn't exist so everyone thought you were lying.

    40. When you were the last kid to be picked up from school so you assumed your parents didn't love you.

    41. Any time someone said to you: "I'm not your friend any more."

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