22 Signs You've Been In Your Job Too Long

    If you're reading this at work, chances are you have.

    1. You're a little too relaxed in your work space.

    2. And your appearance isn't exactly what you would call professional.

    3. Your ideas on dealing with colleague conflict can be a little extreme at times.

    4. And you don't bother with hiding your disdain for extra projects.

    5. Your grooming habits have become part of your office routine.

    6. As has your drinking.

    7. Your breaks have increased.

    8. Along with their length.

    9. To the point where your work BFF is like:

    10. You always think it's Friday.

    11. And when it is actually Friday you make absolutely no attempt to cover your levels of extreme joy.

    12. You also make it very known when you're hungover.

    13. Which is a lot.

    14. So napping at work is a thing.

    15. You're not bothered about getting to know new people.

    16. You'd rather just take selfies at your desk.

    17. When you call in sick your excuses are barely plausible.

    I think calling in sick to work because I have a cramp in my butt cheek is a valid excuse

    18. But occasionally you'll get creative.

    19. And when you're running late your attitude is 'MIGHT AS WELL' instead of 'OH FUCK'.

    Only 50 minutes late for work so far. Pretty amateur stuff. I'll stop for coffee and a poo before settling at my desk.

    20. You're not afraid to let the office know that things haven't worked out the way you'd hoped.

    21. Or about your office bathroom antics.

    Having my first ever poo at work after a year because I'm manager today so i don't give a damn if it smells

    22. Finally, you procrastinate on the internet.