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18 Times Women Totally Slayed Men On Tinder

"Sure, my number is 1-800-Kiss-My-Ass".

1. When Chazz bit off more than he could chew.

2. When Zach's approach failed astronomically.

3. When David chose the wrong house to fuck with.

4. When this guy didn't quite get the message.

5. When things got a bit prickly for Ahmedin.

6. When Henry asked and received.

7. When Ahmed was 70% water but 100% fail.

8. When Eric did actually get in too deep.

9. When Hunter found out that "there are ways".

10. When Alex was shot into space.

11. When Carlos' corgi got more action.

12. When dogs pics > dick pics, always.

13. When George failed to be specific.

14. When Michael didn't know how to rub the right way.

15. When the respond-to-idiotic-message game was strong.

16. When facts about the animal kingdom prevailed.

17. When Josh got buried along with his nuts.

18. And when Connor got his words mixed up.

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