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    We Need To Talk About Bringing Sephora To The UK

    We love you. Why don't you love us back?

    Sephora, why...why are you not in the UK?


    Is it because we say shit about the French? Because we'll stop doing that. / BuzzFeed

    Sure, we know you do international delivery now, and we're grateful, but seriously, why not open a store over here? / BuzzFeed

    We Brits, we loooove makeup. So it makes us super sad when we have to pay shipping fees just to get our fix.

    More stressed over ordering make up from sephora USA to the uk than my GCSEs

    And sometimes the stuff we want can't be shipped to us anyway.

    More than half of what I was trying to buy @Sephora doesn't allow because I live in the UK, why? I'm really upset 😤

    Not to mention the fact that we don't get to go to any of your events :(.

    When we go on holiday we are most excited about visiting you guys. And that's sad.

    more excited about the sephora by where I'm staying then actually going to France.. oh

    I mean, I don't think you understand how emotional we get about you guys, how much we care.

    Mam's going to New York at the end of this month and just asked me to make a birthday Sephora list ❤️ I think I'm gonna cry

    If you opened up just one store, we could be so happy together. / BuzzFeed

    You could at least put one in London, right?

    Welbis / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    I mean, Georgia raises a good point: How is this still a thing?

    2016 and people are contouring their toes but the UK still doesn't have sephora ?

    Just think about the difference you would be making to many lives.

    My life would improve by 837% if we had Sephora in the UK.

    Please. We're ready. We're waiting. / BuzzFeed

    We need you.

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