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21 Secrets MAC Employees Will Never Tell You

What's better than a name tag? A rose-gold necklace, that's what.

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1. Our staff discount is pretty damn generous.

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We get a hefty 60% discount on products but luckily we have a monthly allowance so you know, we don't end up spending all of our money.

2. And for every product update we get a couple of freebies to try out.

Another inspiring day at New Product Update @MACcosmetics I've learnt lots of new tips as always....And got lots of goodies! πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

3. But the holy grail is our annual "gratis" where we get to order a selection of our favourite MAC products...for free!

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What's better than a 60% discount...uhm FREE MAKEUP!

4. You have to be a qualified makeup artist to work at MAC.

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Every person you see in store will be a qualified makeup artist, whether they were trained directly by the company or joined as a freelancer with their own credentials. When you apply for a job you have to take a makeup test in which you recreate a look and talk through it as you would with a customer. So you don't get hired unless you really know your stuff.


5. We always have to wear a full face of makeup to work...sometimes more than we'd actually like.

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Sometimes we're asked to apply even more makeup on our break, and there's even a minimum amount of products we're told to wear.

6. Because as brand ambassadors we need to showcase the products and our skills.

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7. Thanks to Kylie Jenner, our best-selling product is a lip pencil in the shade "Soar".

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Ever since word spread that Kylie Jenner uses "Soar" and "Whirl" lip pencil, they've been consistently sold out, so whenever we do have some in stock, we often have people coming in and buying up whatever we have β€” even if means buying 12!

8. But the product you won't see a MAC MUA without, has to be our FIX + spray.

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We're always refreshing our makeup throughout the day with this staple product, so trust us when we say we recommend it!


9. We often catch bored men using the cotton buds to clean out their ears.

They then discard them wherever. Gross.

10. But we do get a lot of men coming into our stores for actual makeovers.

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We get a lot of professionals like barristers and bankers coming in for help with subtle makeup so that they can appear flawless at work.

11. Our most requested celebrity makeup look is Kim Kardashian West.

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The queen of contour keeps us busy busy busy!

12. But sometimes it can be frustrating trying to explain to a client that what works for a celebrity might not work for them.

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We always get requests for specific looks people have seen in a magazine or on TV. More often that not these looks have been completely customised to the model and it's not unusual for a lipstick shade to actually be a combination of three or four different lipsticks! But try explaining this to the client: The biggest challenge can be getting them to be realistic about what will suit them.


13. Sometimes people try to be cheeky with our recycling scheme.

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If you bring in six MAC empties you get a free lipstick, so this incentive means that sometimes people often try to take advantage by bringing in empties from other stores!

14. And testers are always being stolen or swapped with almost-empty makeup containers.

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Especially if it's a sold-out product that won't be back in stock for a while. We also get people coming in and swapping their practically-finished makeup for newer testers so we're constantly re-stocking our displays.

15. Our hygiene rules are extremely strict, so we have to clean upwards of 25 brushes per day.

If you thought cleaning your brushes were bad, try doing it constantly throughout the day, every day.

16. We don't have name tags but when we're certified, or we've reached a certain level of seniority, we are given MAC jewellery.

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What's better than a name tag? A rose-gold necklace, that's what.


17. There's never a dull moment in store.

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Everyone is super friendly and social β€” we're like one big family!

18. And you always have access to your very own glam squad.

Just a lil bit of Oh Darling for my darling Jas!☺️ #macmagicofthenight #macmua #macmol #myartistcommunitysc

Going out after a shift and need to look amazing? How about having seven highly-trained MUAs to help you get ready?

19. We're constantly on our feet and we rarely get a proper break.

The @MACcosmetics store is very busy @DisneySprings

There's always someone to serve at the till, brushes to be cleaned, stock levels to check. We don't just do makeovers β€” we do everything!

20. But the never knowing what you might have to do next is what keeps the job so interesting.

Celebrities, cute little kids β€” you never know who you might have to give a makeover to!

21. And the absolute best part of the job is making someone feel good about themselves.

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From teens to granddads, we help give confidence to people from all walks of life, and it's what makes our job so rewarding.