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21 Men On Tinder Who Need To Log Off And Think About What They Have Done

"Everyone masturbates to Shrek at least twice in their lifetime." But do they though? H/T to this Tumblr.

1. Chase, who was too rash with the gash.

2. And Tyler, who had way too much time on his hands.

3. This quick thinker.

4. And Gustavo, who lives in his own shadow.

5. Steven, who is going straight on the Naughty List.

6. And Kato, who needs the *chop* *chop*.

7. Zachary, who needs to do just a bit more reflecting.

8. And err, Phillip, who thinks he isn't alone.

9. Preston, whose name rhymes with fuckboy*.

10. And health-conscious Boone, here.

11. Cody, who just couldn't contain himself.

12. And this guy, who is thirsty on all kinds of levels.

13. Allen. Allen and his mansparagus.

14. And this guy, who is clearly having some sort of existential crisis.

15. Dalton, the gift that just keeps on giving.

16. And this guy, who took fantasy to a whole new level.

17. Alex, who took cheesy to unprecedented heights.

18. And Chris, who decided to reinvent "Netflix and chill".

19. Calvin, who just...why, Calvin?

20. And like why, Vegemite man?????


May all of their fuckboy sins be forgiven.