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Relationships In The Beginning Vs. Relationships After Two Years

Romance may die, but love and farting will remain.

1. In the beginning: Sex is hot, buttgrabby, and deliciously spontaneous.

Warner Bros / Via

After two years: You gotta make sure it fits around watching House of Cards.

Fox / Via

2. In the beginning: Date nights are all moonlight walks and talking about hopes and dreams with butterflies in your stomach.

After two years: Date night is about coupons and how to avoid getting diarrhoea.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

3. In the beginning: Listening to each other is how you show support.

FX / Via

After two years: Listening without actually listening is how you show support and watch primetime TV.

Fox / Via

4. In the beginning: Disagreeing about stuff is something you accept graciously.

Bravo / Via

But after two years you realise that was NAIVE. SO NAIVE.

5. In the beginning: You seduce each other with lovely compliments.

After two years: A boner is basically a lovely compliment.

Paramount / Via

6. In the beginning: You feign interest in each other's weird stories.

AMC / Via

After two years: You just nip that shit in the bud.

7. In the beginning: You try to suppress your inner crazy.

NBC / Via

After two years: Every crazy little detail about you will come out and in full force.


8. In the beginning: Kissing is basically your mouths having sexy sexual sex.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

After two years: It's playful and cute as fuck.


9. In the beginning: You pretend not to have bodily functions.

After two years: You will be relaxed enough to fart all goddamn day long.

New Line Cinema / Via

10. In the beginning: Your grooming game is on point.

After two years: Pants are basically optional.

Paramount / Via

11. In the beginning: You gush over how beautiful bae is.

NBC / Via

After two years: You still gush, but about how much you love them even though they are annoying as fuck.

12. In the beginning: Buying thoughtful and cute gifts is a massive win.

Columbia / Via

After two years: Getting the present you actually needed is a massive win.


13. In the beginning: You share everything willingly.

Mandate Pictures / Via

After two years: You dare not touch each other's food unless you've asked first.

CBS / Via

14. In the beginning: Being comfortable around each other means not having to say anything.

World of Wonder / Via

After two years: Being comfortable around each other means the ability to say everything.

Focus Features / Via