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    19 Reasons Why You're Missing Out If You Haven't Been To Nando's

    People come for the chicken but stay for the halloumi.

    1. Despite what the haters say, Nando's is more than "just chicken".

    Nandos/ BuzzFeed

    There's a special place in hell for people who say this, do not join them.

    2. In fact, they offer so much choice you may even find it hard to decide on what to have.

    3. And while you decide on what you want to eat, you get to listen to the best music.

    The music in Nandos is actually so lit

    It will make you feel happy. Just like the food will make you feel happy.

    4. Even though you have to go to the till and order your food yourself, it means you don't have to wait around for the bill at the end of your meal.

    5. The staff at the till always try to flog you olives, but for a reason — they're fucking delicious.

    6. And you get free refills on all of their soft drinks.

    7. Which means you can experiment with fizzy drink cocktails — just look at this wonderful* Fanta and Coke hybrid.

    Twitter: @tablouisesmith

    *totally wrong and awful.

    8. But when you're proper skint and just want tap water, you never feel cheap, because at Nando's, you get tap water in a wine glass.

    look how classy @kayleighwanless is in nandos with her water in a wine glass x x x

    9. If you want that wine glass filled with actual wine well...they do like a million different types of sangria.

    Twitter: @loobie1988

    And like regular wine too ofc.

    10. Let's move on to the sauces, which are arguably the best things about Nando's. You get to take all of these different sauces to your table:

    11. Had a big night out? Everyone knows that the cure lies in Nando's hummus.

    12. But if you're trying to be healthy, Nando's has you covered too.

    13. So I warned you that Nando's isn't just about chicken, but it would be stupid if I didn't tell you about the chicken. The delicious, delicious chicken.


    15. It's a fact that you will never leave hungry or unsatisfied.

    Twitter: @ge0rgiasc0tt

    You might come close to shitting yourself, but you will be well fed.

    16. But if you do happen to have a little extra room, you won't for much longer once you see their desserts.

    Most are served with double cream for extra decadence.

    17. So get to Nando's, how else are you supposed to find out your spice level, which as everyone knows is an indicator of status?

    18. How else are you going to try these lovely cappuccinos?

    19. And finally, how else are you going to rub shoulders with celebrities?

    If it's good enough for Kanye, it's good enough for you.

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