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21 Reasons Why You Need To Move To Greenwich Immediately

There's a rooftop Nando's – need I say more?

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1. First of all, everywhere in Greenwich is like a goddamn postcard.

Instagram: @francleffa

History, old pubs, the river – Greenwich has it all.

2. And if you're after stunning views, Greenwich has them for days.

Instagram: @tina_oncins

5. But Greenwich is THE place to be if you want proper British grub — like pie and mash.

Pie, mash, peas, liquor and tea in autumnal Greenwich before a trip to the newly opened Cutty Sark

6. If you fancy something a bit more unique, Greenwich Market has something to tantalise every foodie.

This ramen burger is out of this world. #ramenpimp #yummy #greenwichmarket #unreal


9. And with so many riverside pubs, you can have your Sunday roast with a wonderful view.

Instagram: @cuttysarkpub

13. Which might seem scary AF, but not when this dude is around.

Instagram: @lisa_pattenden

There is just culture everywhere.

14. When people come to visit, you can actually show them some pretty cool shit, like the Prime Meridian of the World.

they headed over to Greenwich to learn about the observatory and stand over the prime meridian!

And you get to be super nerdy about it.

15. Not to mention the Cutty Sark — I mean, who can say they live by a fucking ship?

Instagram: @myandreamonta

You if you lived here.


16. Even though Greenwich is actually in Zone 2, it feels like a village out of a storybook.

Instagram: @greenwichlondon

17. And its gardens and wildlife can make you feel like you're miles and miles outside of the city.

Instagram: @greenwichlondon

18. Whatever the season, Greenwich Park is always breathtakingly gorgeous.

Instagram: @shan198e