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19 Things That Happen When You Get Together With Your Uni Friends

It's one hell of a reUNIon.

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1. Because you might come from all over the country or world even, getting together with your uni friendship group is a joyous and special occasion.

2. The reunion will either take place in one of your home towns, or most likely where it all began — your university.

3. It might even be at someone's wedding.

4. Whenever and wherever it is though, you'll be excited every single day leading up to it.

5. Because in all probability, it's going to be an opportunity to relive those wonderful uni days.


6. Where you will each take up your former roles in the squad.


7. Like the sensible one of the group.


8. Or the geeky one who's good at downloading movies.


9. Or the complete pisshead.


10. Who no matter how many years have passed, will never disappoint.

11. You'll reminisce about the good old days when you used to live with each other.

Loved seeing the girls again ❤️👯#232 #unireunion #girlshouse

12. You'll even talk to each other in exactly the same way.


13. You'll constantly refer to in-jokes and memorable events from the past.

#Throwback to when me and @DougieeFreshhhh passed out in some random hallway at Michigan University!

14. Like that one time one of you said something ridiculous.


You'll never let them live it down.

15. You may even make the honorary house meal.

16. You'll all get secretly jealous of each other's new life friends.

Channel 4

17. And not a moment will pass where you don't all talk about how old you're all getting.


18. Because you don't get together often, you always make the most of your reunions.

19. And no matter how long it's been since you last saw each other, nothing ever really changes.