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    22 Things You'll Just Get If You Love Animals More Than People

    Let's be real, puppies and kittens > tiny humans.

    1. First of all, animals are better than people because they aren't people.

    2. They are pure and innocent and everything good.

    3. You don't have to school them on how to take selfies, they are natural posers.

    4. In fact, most of the social media accounts you follow are basically animals.

    5. If you have a pet, they're your number one priority at all times.

    If a guy ever thinks he's more important than my dog, he's wrong😇 #mcm

    6. Which can make dating a little difficult.

    7. At at house party you'll alway be that person who hangs out with the pet in the corner.

    8. And whereas a human can piss you off just for breathing, anything an animal does is glorious.

    *dog moves slightly* "Oh Barney you are a CHARACTER".

    9. Watching a movie where people die is sad, watching a movie where an animal dies is DEVASTATING.

    10. People think you're crazy just because you want to celebrate the important milestones in your pet's life.

    How dare you call me mentally unstable, on this, the day of my cat's quinceanera.

    11. But you really couldn't give a shit because you've already resigned yourself to the role of "crazy cat/dog/racoon person".

    12. You're always on the hunt for animal-friendly gizmos and gadgets.

    Like this hoodie you can carry your pet in.

    13. And your Google image searches are less this.

    And more like this.

    But maybe sometimes this...

    14. Babies are cute and all, but you're not really that bothered.

    *someone hands me a baby* Oh... no thank you *places baby on the ground*

    15. However, should there be an opportunity to look after someone's puppy, you would literally KILL SOMEONE for it.

    16. A crowd full of people. UGH. A crowd full of tiny, fluffy Mc Fluffersons? Heaven.

    17. Because you'll barely say "Hi" to a human but you're not afraid to completely lose your shit over an animal.

    *sees an old man walking a cute dog* me: HI BABYYY YOU'RE SO CUTE!! ARE YOU SCARED OF ME??? old man: thank you and yes i'm scared ??????????

    18. I mean, what human could possibly be as entertaining as this dog dancing to Africa?

    19. You haven't got framed pictures of your parents, bae or even your cute six-year-old niece, oh no.

    20. Because pictures of animals > than pictures of humans.

    21. After a hard day, there's no one you'd rather have a hug from than a fluffy friend.

    22. Because animals love unconditionally, and never let you down.