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    13 Lovehoney Products That Can Improve Your Sex Life For Less Than £10

    Cheap and efficient orgasms FTW.

    1. This multi-speed vibrator may be dinky in size, but it packs a powerful punch and can be carried with you wherever you come and go!

    2. Lubricant is important people! Not just with others but for solo play too. A little of this water-based lubricant goes a long way, so you'll get even more bang for your buck...

    3. If flavoured lube is more your thing, then this limited edition Gin & Tonic flavoured lubricant will give you that extra zest you're looking for – plus it actually tastes like the real thing!

    4. This vanilla-scented massage candle not only smells divine, its designed so that its wax turns to a gentle oil when melted so you can drizzle it on for a sensuous massage.

    5. This deck of playing cards with tips will help you play nice but talk dirty.

    6. A pair of silky red restraints are perfect for a bit of bedtime bondage, and they're even pre-looped!

    7. This double texture blowjob stroker is designed to mimic the pleasures of both manual and oral pleasure – a 2in1 kind of deal if you ask me...

    8. This pleasure balm is menthol-infused to create maximum arousal and increase clitoral sensation, and we know what that means – orgasms galore!

    9. This set of Kama Sutra Sex Dice will help you switch things up a bit and tick off all of those positions you've been meaning to try.

    10. Or if role play is more your thing, these cards will help your lover be the estate agent of your fantasies.

    11. This vibrating love ring will take sex for both parties to the next level, plus it's super stretchy and easy to use!

    12. This small but mighty clitoral vibrator has four interchangeable heads (yep, FOUR!) so you can spend a night in ~experimenting~.

    13. And finally this smooth, tapered butt plug is perfect for beginners and it looks great too!

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