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    17 Skype Problems Everyone Knows To Be True

    "I can hear you, can you hear me?" *repeats forever until dead*

    1. When literally every call starts like this:

    2. And at some point you have to communicate like this:

    3. When you try to have a call with more than one other person and someone inevitably gets left out.

    4. When the time difference screws you over.

    5. But it's literally all you can talk about when you finally get round to the actual call.

    6. When the call freezes just as the conversation was getting interesting.

    7. Or when the video quality is frighteningly bad.

    8. When Skype chooses to freeze on your face at precisely the worst moment.

    9. Or when you completely forget your video is on in the first place.

    10. When randoms try adding you on Skype.

    11. So you're always worried about who might be able to "see" you.

    12. When you're unaware of your positioning so your recipient gets an eyeful.

    And they say absolutely nothing about it.

    13. When you share your screen but then you forget what windows you have open.

    14. When you don't realise you've been cut off and you've been talking to yourself for ages.

    15. And then this dreaded message pops up.

    16. Or worse, this message.

    17. And finally, when you think it's all over.

    *closes laptop* *Skype noise goes off* I can't escape this hell