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    Posted on Apr 4, 2016

    19 Makeup Problems That Are The Story Of Your Life

    "Send me a pic without makeup", "Send me a pic of your dick soft".

    1. When a coveted product is sold out everywhere and you lose all of hope of ever having it.

    2. Or when you have a delivery due and you can't think of anything else because that package is precious.

    3. When people insist on seeing you without makeup.

    4. And then when they do, they make comments like this:


    5. When people don't respect that you like wearing makeup, and that you want to wear makeup whether you "need" it or not.

    6. When one tiny mistake escalates into a full on fuck-up.

    7. And when opting for a more natural look doesn't save you any time.

    8. When you can't resist buying a lipstick even though you already have a similar shade from about 15 different brands.

    9. Or when you forget all of your lipsticks are in your purse, so you buy more thinking you've lost them.

    10. When one broken eyeshadow ruins everything.

    11. And when you wash all of your makeup brushes before doing your makeup first.

    12. When you're running out of a product and shit gets serious.

    13. And you suddenly remember all of those times you squeezed out a little too much and just let it go to waste.

    Pixtural / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    14. When a product isn't available in your country so you have pay INSANE AMOUNTS OF MONEY BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT.

    15. And when your beauty arsenal starts containing weird shit because they are actually really good makeup hacks.

    "Why do you have shaving balm?" BECAUSE IT'S AN EXCELLENT PRIMER FUCK OFF.

    16. When you start referring to everything in foundation shades.

    17. And coining new words.

    18. When you start to consider if you really need to eat.

    19. Because every time you leave the makeup store you're like:

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    It's the biggest problem of all.

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