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21 Problems Only Really Messy People Know To Be True

Don't mess with my mess.

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1. People turning up unannounced is your worst nightmare.


2. Because this.

3. And you never know what might be on display or what someone may stumble across..


4. Since you let mess build up, cleaning is always a mammoth task.

5. You just never know where to start.

6. Especially since there isn't a room that's safe from your untidiness.

7. Within ten minutes of cleaning you already need a nap BUT THEN THERE IS NOWHERE TO NAP.

8. And when your room is finally clean, it literally takes you five minutes to undo your hours of hard work.

9. Other people are always trying to put your shit away.

10. They just don't understand the concept of organised mess.

11. Although yes, half the time you cannot actually find anything...

12. Like the remote right when you need it most 😢.

13. Because you don't wash your dishes right away, you always have to soak and scrub the shit out of your pans.

14. And you're forever dealing with moldy tupperware.

15. You can never find a matching pair of socks.

16. And you never know what is actually clean or dirty because everything lives together in the same pile on the floor.

17. Sometimes you're even forced to buy new underwear because you don't do your washing until the last minute.


18. You can never wear anything white.

19. And people always know where you've been, because crumbs.

20. So sometimes you need to fashion yourself a bib, making you feel like a giant baby.

21. Because people are always really judgmental about your messiness.


So what if you like to your shit on the floor? It's your shit on your floor.

But that's OK, because you always have the comfort of knowing that you're messy for a good reason.