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    19 Problems That Are Way Too Real If You Live Alone

    Sometimes you sleep with the light on.

    1. If you hear a noise, you automatically assume it's an intruder.

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    Because who the fuck else would it be??????

    2. So there have been times where you've slept with some sort of weapon in your bed.

    3. And the lights on.

    4. Your fridge is always pretty empty.

    5. Because cooking for one always seems a bit pointless.

    6. So take-aways are an all too easy option.

    When 80% of yr texts come from pizza delivery places

    7. In fact, you quickly develop lots of bad habits because you haven't got anyone to pull you up on them.

    I should probably get up and shower and get ready for work but here I lay

    8. And sometimes you become far too aware of just how weird you really are.

    9. Cleaning alone can be a mammoth task.

    10. And you're responsible for literally everything.

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    11. So if shit goes wrong, you're on your own.


    13. There's no one to get ready with before a night out.



    14. And you can't get an immediate second opinion on something.


    15. You often find yourself drinking alone.

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    16. Or eating an entire cake to yourself because they don't do individual fucking portions.

    17. You always have to worry about things not being delivered or accidentally leaving things on in the house.

    There's no one else ever at home to help sign for packages or turn your straighteners off.

    18. You can't watch anything even remotely scary on TV.

    19. And even though you love living alone, sometimes you do get a little lonely.


    But hey, at least you don't have to share you wine.

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