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    18 Posts That Prove Tumblr Is 50% Hilarious, 50% Ridiculous

    Prepare to be confused yet enlightened, horrified yet delighted.

    1. This level of commitment:

    2. This friendly interaction:

    3. And this respectful one:

    4. This fishy situation:

    5. This lesson from Lush:

    6. This bothersome search:

    7. This happy luncher:

    8. This terrifying cup design:

    9. This scenario-building session:

    10. This beautiful passage:

    11. This family get together:

    12. And this terrifying experiment:

    13. This complicated suggestion:

    14. This family crisis:

    15. This confused user:

    16. And this pen-sive one:

    17. This declaration:

    18. And this transatlantic feud:

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