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19 Things You'll Just Get If You Love Pooing

Poo time is you time.

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1. Counting your daily poos gives you great satisfaction.

You're regular and proud.
Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

You're regular and proud.

2. So if you only shit once a day, you feel a little bit out of sync.

3. If you don't go at all, you start to worry that something is seriously wrong with you.


4. Because ever since you were little, you knew that pooing always made you feel better.

5. You can't help but tell anyone around you when you need to go.


6. And you've shared graphic details of your excretory process on many occasions.


7. Without a single shred of embarrassment.


This is who you are, goddamnit.

8. You're so comfortable taking a shit that you're not even fazed if other people know you're doing one.

I'm taking a shit and he pops in to get something lmao I love him

9. And you never feel weird about taking a dump at work.

Having my first ever poo at work after a year because I'm manager today so i don't give a damn if it smells

I mean, every time you poo at work, you're getting paid to poo. Think about that.

10. But if a toilet is particularly weird or unsanitary, you feel deeply upset because your poo time is your "you" time.

Designbydx / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

11. It's where you deeply reflect on your life and your surroundings.

Instagram: @poop_story

12. It's where you often realise that you should probably tell a loved one how much they mean to you.

she literally sent me "I love you" while she's in there taking a shit. Lol

13. And where you find the time to educate yourself further about many worldly things.

Like marijuana horticulture.

14. You're always championing the merits of pooing.

Instagram: @goodcharlotte4good

15. But you're also skilled at using it as a threat.

BBC / Via

It works because people know you'll actually do it.

16. Pretty much without fail, you'll inspect your poo post-poo.

Alex Finnis / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

17. Because if you do an especially fine turd, you need to celebrate.

Elizabeth Hickey / BuzzFeed

18. To you, nothing compares to that "just pooed" feeling.

Haejin Park / BuzzFeed

19. Except of course, when you can share your glorious experience with a fellow poo lover.

Poo pals for life.
Remee Patel

Poo pals for life.