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19 Things You'll Just Get If You Love Pooing

Poo time is you time.

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8. You're so comfortable taking a shit that you're not even fazed if other people know you're doing one.

I'm taking a shit and he pops in to get something lmao I love him


9. And you never feel weird about taking a dump at work.

Having my first ever poo at work after a year because I'm manager today so i don't give a damn if it smells

I mean, every time you poo at work, you're getting paid to poo. Think about that.

11. It's where you deeply reflect on your life and your surroundings.

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12. It's where you often realise that you should probably tell a loved one how much they mean to you.

she literally sent me "I love you" while she's in there taking a shit. Lol


13. And where you find the time to educate yourself further about many worldly things.

Like marijuana horticulture.

14. You're always championing the merits of pooing.

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