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29 Pictures To Help You Forget About The Shitshow That Is 2016

Let these tweets make you smile again.

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1. This adorable little breakfast for this adorable little guy:

2. This ingenious chef:

3. These new BFFs:

4. This beautiful harvest:

5. This terribly cute use of a Snapchat filter:

6. This example of loving yourself:

7. And this look of pure love:

8. This wonderful moment:

9. This genius idea we could all do with right now:

10. This incredible fashion faux paw :

11. This little photographer:

12. This innocent mistake:

13. And this even more innocent misunderstanding:

14. This friendship we all aspire to have:

15. This beautiful example of pride:

16. And this heartwarming one:

17. This tree that's ripe for picking:

18. This burger flying in comfort:

19. This love story:

20. And these two celebrating an anniversary.

21. This real-life Disney character:

22. This go-getter:

23. This age-defying commuter:

24. This reminder of what's really important:

25. This once-in-a-lifetime chance:

26. This makeover recipient:

27. This wonderful Wikipedia page:

28. This inspiration to people everywhere:

29. And this deep musing on potatoes we should all remember: