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19 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For People Who Hate Doing Stuff

Bed = life.

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1. When you're excited for the weekend.

2. But someone wants you to do something with them.

3. When people won't indulge your laziness.

4. So you're left to come up with your own solutions.

5. Like how to drink sans hands.

6. Because moving is not what you're about.

7. When you give your friends false hope.

8. And try to change but know you can't.

9.30am everyday.


9. When your concept of time is not the same as everyone else's.

10. And they swiftly bring you back to reality.

11. When you genuinely feel proud of yourself for leaving your bed.

12. And you consider your home activities comparable to actual hobbies.

13. When people are forced to literally drag you places.

14. Because your goals are just not the same as theirs.

15. When you have everything positioned exactly how you like it.

16. And you stock up on all the necessities.

17. When you just want to hide from the world and everyone in it.

18. And you give up on making excuses.

19. Because chilling on your own is you living your best life.