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19 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For Every Girl During Summer

Cute top = bad tan lines.

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1. When you thought cute sandals were a good idea.

3. When your sweat melts all of your hard work.

4. And when you finally got your eyeliner on point but your eyes are dry AF.

5. When your trapped boobs can't cope.

6. And you have the urge to do some serious wiping.

7. When your thighs cause some friction.

8. And like to leave behind a sweaty reminder.

9. When humidity holds no prisoners.

10. So you try a summer hairstyle.

11. But then your sunglasses do this.

12. When you finally decide to get your pins out and you have to "prepare".

13. And then men ogling you in the street increase tenfold.

14. When your bikini starts a rebellion.

Nate Jones / Nate Jones,

15. And your bikini bottoms think it's fun to give you a saggy arse.

Flickr: bamakodaker Via Creative Commons

16. When every day ends like this.

I have a dirt flip-flop tan. #NTGG #plano911 #redcrosstitutes

17. And you're just so goddamn sweaty you can't even remove your clothes.

18. When you try to handle summer with elegance and grace.

That moment when you try to get out of the pool. #SummerProblems

19. And then you realise you just don't give a fuck.