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    19 Photos That Won't Make Sense To Anyone Who Doesn't Wear Makeup

    A hand is a palette for testing approximately 57 lipsticks.

    1. When you're trying to get the perfect cat eye.

    2. But it's not as easy as it looks.

    3. Whenever you leave a makeup counter.

    4. And when you go over "just for a quick look" and end up with the entire collection.

    5. When you're watching a makeup tutorial and you're like, "Holy shit, this is art."

    6. When you wake up after a big night out.

    7. When you drop your favourite compact on the floor and it smashes.

    8. When you try on clothes in the store.

    9. When you remove your "face" at the end of the day.

    10. When you run out of foundation and you have to scrape EVERY last bit possible.

    11. When you restock your key products and feel whole again.

    After almost running out of foundation & bronzer I finally stocked back up 😍😍😍#happy

    12. When you encounter wind, rain, or a whole lot of emotions.

    13. When everything you touch turns to...your face.

    14. When the most pigmented and sparkly eyeshadow explodes in your makeup bag.

    15. When you forget to remove any excess lipstick.

    16. When you get liquid eyeliner in your eye and it burns like a thousand suns.

    17. Or when you apply shimmer or glitter eyeshadow and it gets all over your face.

    18. When it all seems to be going horribly, horribly wrong.

    19. But when your makeup is finally ON POINT.