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19 Photos That Won't Make Sense To Anyone Who Doesn't Wear Makeup

A hand is a palette for testing approximately 57 lipsticks.

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2. But it's not as easy as it looks.

Instagram: @suziesenpai

Liquid eyeliner: the eternal struggle.

3. Whenever you leave a makeup counter.

Instagram: @ludamaksi

6. When you wake up after a big night out.

Instagram: @rosefarrellxo

11. When you restock your key products and feel whole again.

After almost running out of foundation & bronzer I finally stocked back up 😍😍😍#happy


14. When the most pigmented and sparkly eyeshadow explodes in your makeup bag.

Instagram: @talli_lyndsey

Destroying all that you love.

15. When you forget to remove any excess lipstick.

Elizabethhoffmann / Getty Images

Pulling your finger out of your mouth removes excess lipstick, and rubbing a bit of Vaseline on your teeth prevents any excess sticking to them.