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18 Photos Of Makeup That Will Make Every Girl Cringe

Warning: This post contains some really bad eyeshadow blending.

1. When your face and chest are two different colours.

David M. Benett

2. And you can see unblended bits by the jawline, or worse, the NOSE.

3. When clumpy mascara makes your lashes look creepy AF.

4. When you look back at when you first learnt how to do makeup.

5. When chipped red nail polish looks like raw nail beds.

Russaquarius / Getty Images

6. When liquid eyeliner gets in your eyes.

7. Or worse, glitter in your ACTUAL EYEBALL.

goodnight everyone look I have glitter in my eye

8. When fake eyelashes aren't on properly.

9. Or when they have to be torn off.

Fake eyelashes r cool. Too bad I just tore them

Taking off your real eyelashes too.

10. When you're unintentionally rocking the red wine look.

11. When you did your bronzer in bad lighting.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

"But...but it looked fine in my room!!!" you protest when your BFF says you look like an Oompa Loompa.

12. When you have no idea you have lipstick on your teeth.

Elizabethhoffmann / Getty Images

13. When you wake up to reality.

14. When the brightest eyeshadow you have decides to explode in your makeup bag.

15. And when your expensive AF foundation shatters before your very eyes.

16. When eyeliner game is so weak you could weep.

When you try to be good at makeup but you fail miserably

17. And finally, when you see unblended eyeshadow.

18. Because they're probably using this.

Moustachegirl / Getty Images

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